About Penny Gain

Penny Gain History

Penny Gain was founded in Stockholm, Sweden 2018, when the 3 members Frodo, Peter and Ted, from the recently dissolved band Monstrous wanted to keep writing, playing and enjoying rock music in a band. A new drummer and bass player was found and the journey started. The band played on a couple of live gigs during 2018 and 2019 including Snövit bar, Emergenza festival (twice, Penny Gain won the first round,  also played in the semi finals) and Broder Tuck bar.

Penny Gain – Emergenza Semi 3

During the spring of 2019 different opinions on how the band would progress both musically and commercially led to the departure of the new drummer and bass player from the band in the spring of 2019, and once again the search for 2 new members began. During the summer of 2019, a new bass player and drummer joined, and the band could continue the journey of rock n roll! 

During the autumn of 2019, Penny Gain was rehearsing heavily with the new band line-up to gain confidence to be able to play at live venues during the spring of 2020. The band also got a new rehearsal room and the members renovated it together to get a good feeling with no previous history written on the walls. 

The spring and summer of 2020 didn’t meet the expectations of anyone when corona virus pandemic struck the world, since all live gigs were cancelled. Instead of hanging their heads, the band focused on getting the music recorded and produced. Also a music video was recorded during the summer. The first release is scheduled to the 4th of september 2020 with the song “Kick the upper class”, which was recorded at Song of Southside studio.

studio time

The video for the song was recorded at Gula Villan in Haninge just south of Stockholm, which is a real classic venue with a lot of rock’n’roll and punks band has played throughout the years, plus a couple of outher outside locations in Stockholm.

video recording set

Recording and production of the video was carried out by Pelle Jansson at Cowmob Photography

Penny Gain members:

Fredrik “Frodo” Bousset – Vocals

Peter Abrahamsen – Electric Guitar, backing vocals

Micke Lagerström- Drums, backing vocals

Stefan Clysén – Bass, backing vocals

Ted Lundquist – Electric Guitar, backing vocals

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